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Stockholm welcomes new design and lifestyle hotel Backstage Hotel

Backstage Hotel Stockholm

The new Backstage Hotel in Stockholm not only offers a comfortable stay in understated luxury. In lofts, suites and studios with signature design pieces from Pols Potten, furniture by Eichholtz and carefully selected contemporary art – Backstage Hotel offers its guests to take part in Stockholm’s entertainment world. 

Located within minutes of the city’s best and most exciting entertainment venues, Backstage hotel lets you exhibit local flavour, culture and music. With historical venues such as Cirkus, Hasselbacken, Gröna Lund and Liljevalchs next door, Backstage Hotel invites you to a stay behind the ­scenes.

With what has been crowned “the party of the year”, Backstage Hotel officially opened its doors on September 10th. 800 guests, among which included Stockholm’s own Hollywood elite, partied in the hotel's suites and lofts while quizzing on the theme of famous riders. Mötley Crue’s snake occupied one room, Lady Gaga’s mannequin with pink pubes in another and Deadmau5’s inflatable friends were found on one of the terraces of the suites. 

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Backstage Hotel Opening Party Foto: John Beukelmann

The hotel's old building dates back to 1880 and has been restored and recreated revealing details such as rafters and ornately tiled stoves. But the interior is not only about understated luxury and design furniture. Together with famous Swedish concept designer Robert Bohman the Backstage Hotel atmosphere has been created to transport the guest “behind the scenes”. This is not a regular boutique hotel, Backstage Hotel is a space where party, design, music and art are combined.

Robert Bohman has designed for clubs, restaurants and film production in Sweden and internationally for the past 25 years. Robert Bohman is also the founder of the treatment home The House Rehab.

“I wanted to create a cinematic environment, where each room is unique - a world of its own with art and interior in a mix of vintage and new”, says Robert Bohman. 

Signature pieces and designs by Eicholtz and Polspotten, soft textiles and colours, create rooms as exclusive as they are pleasant.

“The lofts, suites and studios are created to be luxuriously comfortable, our take on what it really means to be invited backstage”, Robert Bohman explains.

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Backstage Hotel Stockholm

Cirkus Venues

Backstage Hotel Stockholm is part of the Cirkus Venues family and sibling with some of Stockholm’s most popular entertainment attractions; Cirkus Arena & Restaurant, Hasselbacken, Konsthallen, Pop Story and ABBA The Museum which you’ll find just a stone’s throw away. 

Backstage Happenings

Due to its close ties with the cultural community in Stockholm, Backstage Hotel not only offers a vibrant stay but also guides to the city’s most interesting and entertaining happenings. With Backstage Happenings all guests know where to go and what to do.


Konsthallen – restaurant, store and bakery all under one roof and brand – is unique in an expressionistic, naturally spartan and beautiful kind of way. A culinary and artistic hub in Stockholm and a destination in its own right. Situated on the first floor and connected to Backstage Hotel, Konsthallen serves as the hotel’s restaurant and dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also offers happenings with music, wine and extraordinary food experiences.

About Backstage Hotel Stockholm

Exhibit local flavour, culture and ­music at new Backstage Hotel Stockholm. With a strong connection to the ­cultural community, ­Backstage Hotel invites you to a theatrical stay behind the scenes. In rooms, suites and lofts with ­distinctive design and intimate character, you get to experience the vibrant world of artists.